Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Generating Thumbnails For Video Uploaded in DAM

Usecase: I needed to use thumbnail for Photo and Video uploaded in DAM Admin , For Photo Thumbnails were getting created , but  faced an Issue that no thumbnail was generated for Video uploaded  in DAM .

Snapshot depicting no thumbnail rendition created for Video Uploaded .

Solution: For generating thumbnails for Video , what i did was installing ffmpeg on the Server Hosting Machine (may be Local/Dev instance for testing ,  Production instance for release ) from  and adding the ffmpeg\bin directory to the PATH variable in Environment Variables Section.

Snapshot depicting thumbnail renditions created for Video Uploaded .
Note : By Default thumbnails of particular renditions are created via DAM Update Asset workflow which is triggered on uploading Asset in DAM and using this Workflow a new workflow can be created for creating thumbnail of other rendition sizes for Photo/Video.
So , CQ DAM relies on ffmpeg plugin for creating thumbnail renditions of uploaded video and we need to install it manually on our Server(CQ Instance) and follow steps as mentioned above .
Hope this  helps..!!

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